Enterprise and Big Data Applications


Run transaction processing, signal/image processing, big data analytics, AI/ML, security and other performance hungry applications at 10-100x or greater speed. Save money on hardware, rack space, power, networking, and software licensing fees.  Further, we've removed the OS, which removes a bottleneck and security risks associated with traditional compute.  The result is your enterprise application, running as efficiently as possible - as hardware.


Enterprise Solutions

Signal Processing
Process LIDAR, SAR and other large data formats in real time.

Message Transformation
Process ETL, ISO and other message transformation at scale and speeds not possible in x86 or mainframe environments.  

Transaction Processing
Achieve unprecedented speeds of transaction processing.  Combine and or add complex rules with little to no performance degradation.

Big Data Analytics
Transform data on its way to your data lake, or execute analytics in real time on big data in harmony with your existing IT infrastructure.

AI/ML work is computationally expensive. DirectStream typically executes 10x-100x faster than AI on X86 and while averaging a 90%+ IT footprint reduction.

Data is always encrypted on our platform, while in flight or at rest.  Enable data encryption and applications such as blockchain at large scale.


Solving the Microprocessor Problem