Achieve 100X Performance without 100X the Hassle


FPGAs have historically been difficult to develop on, restricting adoption by the enterprise. DirectStream provides the development and collaboration tools needed and expected by enterprise engineers.  With the DirectStream FPGA platform, your code logic is instantiated directly on the FPGA.  Your application runs as hardware.  We've removed the operating system to deliver the most highly optimized and secure compute environment available today.


No Operating System
DirectStream is an FPGA only platform, meaning there is literally no operating system in a production environment.  This eliminates the attack surface, bottleneck effect, and over 100 million lines of code associated with the OS.   

Run Enterprise Applications
FPGAs have historically been designed around narrow or specific workloads.  With DirectStream, you can enhance or entirely migrate enterprise level applications, including legacy mainframe workloads.

Enterprise Tools
No verilog required. Write in C, C++ or our native DS Lang. The DirectStream platform has the tools expected by enterprise engineers, including team collaboration, simulation, debugging, compilation, and deployment management tools.

Deploy where you want
Deploy in DirectStream's data center, on your premise, or at the network edge.